Powered Flight 2022

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Even before the Wright brothers, it was a German named Gustav Weißkopf who undertook the first manned flight in a motorized airplane in 1901. Since then, engineering has produced generations of new powered aircraft. Philipp Prinzing photographs the most beautiful classics for Aviation Calendar.

Size DIN A2 +:

  • 640 x 480 mm 
  • 13 leaves (title page and 12 monthly pages)
  • sturdy 200 g/m² picture quality-matte paper
  • Spiral binding with 2 hooks for attachment

A3 size:

  • 420 x 297 mm 
  • 14 leaves (title page, 12 monthly pages, information page)
  • stable 200 g/m² picture printing paper
  • Spiral binding with 1 hook for attachment

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