Our paragliding photograph – Adi Geisegger

He is one of the pioneers of paragliding photography: Adi Geisegger, who comes from Hall in Tirol and now lives in the Allgäu, has made his multiple talents a principle of life. He is a paraglider, filmmaker and gifted photographer rolled into one. The fact that he learned to paraglide in order to be able to take photos gives even better an impression of his striving for perfection, which has always accompanied his photographic and filmic work. To be completely in harmony with yourself and the elements in order to overcome gravity for a moment - this is how Geisegger himself describes what drives him. The result are pictures full of magic and amazing perspectives, which can be enjoyed on his overwhelmingly beautiful website and also on Instagram. We are proud and happy to have won Adi Geisegger for the “Aviation Calendar Paragliding”!