Claus-Dieter Zink

Claus-Dieter Zink had been an adolescent, when his father fulfilled his heart’s desire with his first flying lesson. From that moment on flying became his most important minor-matter in the world. And later as a doctor, when ever possible he had been devoted to his desire. With the photography soon a second was joined.
Zink had been able to marry both, gliding and photography, in an unrivalled way. The thousands of fascinating frames he left behind bear witness. When Claus-Dieter Zink died in August of 2010 at the age of seventy he already had become a pioneer of soaring photography of the highest reputation. Beyond that, his name is irrevocably linked to the community of Serres in the south of France. Repeatedly the local airfield had been origin and termination of his legendary photographic tours.
All his pictures remain the legacy of an unforgotten glider pilot and a photographic declaration of love for the Maritime Alps. We still have him to thank for this great calendar.